Launch the Data Catalog AMI instance

Get started with Pentaho Data Catalog

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Perform the following steps to launch an instance of the Data Catalog AMI from the AWS console:
  1. From the AWS Console Home page, click EC2.
    The EC2 Dashboard opens with a Launch instance card.
    Note: You can also launch a Data Catalog AMI from the Amazon Marketplace.
  2. On the Launch instance card, click Launch instance.
    The Launch an instance page opens.
  3. Add a name for the instance.
  4. In the Application and OS images (Amazon Machine Image) card, enter Pentaho Data Catalog in the search field.
  5. On the Pentaho Data Catalog result, click Select.
  6. Review the product overview, details, and pricing, and click Continue to accept the terms.
  7. On the Instance type card, choose an instance type from the list.
    For a Production environment, it is a best practice to use a 2xlarge or larger instance type.
  8. On the Key pair (login) card, select an existing key pair to connect securely, or create a new key pair.
    If you create a new private key, the file downloads automatically to your local computer.
    Note: Make sure to store the private key file in a secure location, because you need it to connect to the instance using SSH.
  9. On the Network settings card, make the following selections:
    • Under Firewall (security groups), select an existing security group or create a new one.
      Note: Any existing security group you select must support SSH and HTTPS traffic.
    • Select the Allow SSH traffic from checkbox and choose My IP from the list.
      Note: Use the username pentaho and port 22 for SSH access.
    • Select the Allow HTTPS traffic from the internet checkbox.
  10. On the Configure storage card, specify at least 512 GiB for a Production instance.
  11. Click Launch instance.
    The instance launches, and you are subscribed to the Marketplace AMI. When the process is complete, a success message includes a link to the instance, with the unique instance ID.
  12. Record the instance’s IP address or URL.
  13. Click the instance link.
    The Instances page opens.
  14. Select the checkbox next to the Data Catalog instance and click Launch instances.
When the instance is running, you can connect to it using HTTPS in the browser on port 443. You might need to create a new rule or edit an existing rule to allow traffic on port 443 from your desired IP addresses or IP ranges.