Business rules

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Business rules translate business requirements into logic-based rules you can use to tag your data. You can define business rules to manage your data and track its quality by designating whether or not that data is compliant.

You can use the Business Glossary page to define the compliant and non-compliant data and data formats.

Using these definitions, you can use business rules to apply SQL commands (called data quality rules) that identify non-compliant rows in your data. You can add any number of data quality rules to a business rule.

The business rules act as a hierarchal layer above the data quality rules:
  • You can choose whether or not to enable data quality rules.
  • You can also decide if a rule requires supervisor approval before being deployed.
  • Use custom tags to track and group business rules according to your needs.
  • For data quality type rules, you can further define one of the 7 standard dimensions of data quality.