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Use Pentaho Data Catalog

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You can view details about the selected resource in the Content pane in the respective tabs. The details displayed depend on the type of resource selected. For example, if you select a table, then you can view the contents of a column or field, the resource-level metadata with Data Catalog's data analysis, cardinality for fields, and sample values.

Data Canvas Content Pane
The following table identifies the key details available in the Contentfor a table resource:

Item Name Description
1 Data banner Displays the name, path, and type icon identifying the resource. The name and type attributes identifying the resource are provided.
2 Actions button Click to view actions available for processing, saving, and copying the data, depending on the selected asset type. The actions you can take in the data content area are:
Process the selected data.
View Galaxy
Change to a Galaxy view of the data.
Copy Path
Copy the data path.
Choose the location and move the selected data assets.
Deletes the file from the file server.
Once you delete a data asset, you cannot recover it.
3 Data tabs Click to view additional information about the resource:
  • Summary
  • Details
  • Properties
  • Glossary
  • Comment
* The action item appears only when:
  1. Data Catalog has Data Storage Optimizer integrated.
  2. You have imported the data source in Data Storage Optimizer. For more information, see Importing a data source.
  3. You have selected the data asset (file type) which Data Storage Optimizer supports.