Data Canvas

Use Pentaho Data Catalog

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Use the Data Canvas to explore and investigate your data. Here, you can find detailed insights into resource metadata to help you understand and clarify practical applications. Click Data Canvas in the left navigation menu to open the DataCanvas view and begin exploring your data. Be sure to add at least one data source to Data Catalog before exploring. See the Administer Pentaho Data Catalog document.

The Data Canvas is divided into three primary areas:

Data Canvas page
Item Name Description
1 Top Navigation The title of the Data Canvas page.
2 Navigation Navigate the tree of data resources to find the one you want to explore in the canvas.
3 Content Displays information about the selected resource. For example, if you select a folder or schema, the metadata appears in the Content pane.
Select a data element in the Navigation pane and view its details in the Content pane. The details vary by resource type. For example, selecting a folder or schema will display the metadata in the Content pane.