Business Intelligence Database

Use Pentaho Data Catalog

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Data Catalog contains the Business Intelligence Database (BIDB) server, containing a variety of collections filled with specific metadata. Using the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connector, you can connect to BIDB, access reporting data, and create dashboards.

Several services, including bi-mongo and bi-views, are deployed during the Data Catalog installation. The bi-views service runs periodically based on the configuration set in the .env file (by default, daily) and aggregates the data from all connected databases and stores in BIDB. Utilizing the mongo-bi-connector provided by the bi-mongo service, you can link to BIDB with a JDBC or ODBC connector. This connection makes BIDB data available on port 3307, enabling analysis through any compatible BI tool. For detailed guidance on connecting to BIDB, see How to connect to BIDB.