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In Pentaho Data Catalog, the Business Glossary page provides a user-friendly interface for managing and viewing glossary items. Click Glossary in the left navigation menu, to open the Business Glossary page. On the left panel, you'll find a list of glossary items organized by glossary, category, and term hierarchy. Click on a glossary, category, or term to access summary information, details, and associated rules for that glossary item or term on the page.

In Data Catalog, you can choose different views to understand the glossary items. Under View As, you can choose to display the Business Glossary page in the following ways:
The Canvas view offers a visual and organized representation of your glossary, allowing you to create, manage, and visualize business terms more intuitively. For more information, see Canvas view.
The Galaxy view provides a different visual layout, that is useful for exploring relationships and connections between glossary items. For more information, see Galaxy view.
You can choose the view that suits your needs and preferences when working with glossary items on the Business Glossary page.