Data self-service

Use Pentaho Data Catalog

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Pentaho Data Catalog provides a rich interface for data self-service to help you find the best instances of the integrated data you are looking for. These services include:

Role-based access control
User Access Administrators can assign a role the permission to view the metadata for files and fields without assigning the permission to view the data. The ability to view just the metadata is useful because many times data analysts do not know they need access to a file until they have access to it.
Business Terms
You can discover metadata about files and fields and have Data Catalog associate fields to customer's business terms. You can associate business terms with data elements, business rules, related terms, and custom properties to form a comprehensive view of the organization’s business concepts and data landscape.
Data quality metrics and statistics
Data Catalog's profiling processes produce and present detailed data quality metrics and statistics that help you decide if the data is useful, valid, and complete, without having to write code to graph each field in the file.
User roles
User roles in Data Catalog are used for access control and permissions management. They help control who can view, edit, or delete data assets and ensure data security. To know about the available roles in the Data Catalog, go to Management and click Roles uder Users tile. It displays the list of user roles available.
Table creation
When you find a file you are interested in, you can create a table for that file. This ability is useful for non-technical users to find the files that contain the data that they need, create a table and use a tool like Grafana to visualize the data without any added efforts.