Business Glossary

Use Pentaho Data Catalog

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Pentaho Data Catalog provides a single location for creating, organizing, curating, and identifying business glossary items like domains, categories, and terms to help you navigate your vast data environment so you can get the right data efficiently. You also can use the business glossary as a tool with role-based access control to secure and separate valuable data and metadata and prevent such data from reaching unintended audiences.

In Data Catalog, business terms are organized into a category and then into a domain representing a hierarchy. Using the business glossaries, you can manage or browse the business glossaries for your data environment.

Your role and assigned permissions determine your interaction with the business glossaries. For example, users who are assigned the Business Glossary Administrator role can create new glossaries. Users assigned the Analyst role can add terms within categories and create associations for existing terms within the glossaries to which they are assigned access.