Nondisruptive Migration with Ops Center

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Before using the Online Migration service template, you must do the following:

Register web service connections in Ops Center Automator for each product
An HTTP(S) connection is required from Ops Center Automator to each prerequisite product (Ops Center Administrator, Ops Center API Configuration Manager, Ops Center Protector and BNA/DCNM). See Configuring Web Service Connections.
Set up a dataflow and resources in Ops Center Protector
You need to set up a dataflow and resources in Protector to use the Online Migration template. See Online Migration service template prerequisites and How to create a data flow for more information.
Register storage systems to API Configuration Manager
Allocation of target volumes and unallocation of source volumes is performed through API Configuration Manager. See Registering storage systems to an Ops Center API Configuration Manager REST API connection.
Set up secure communications between Automator and each product
Secure communication is required for Protector, Administrator, and API Configuration Manager and BNA or DCNM. See Setting up secure communications between Automator and each product.
Register storage systems and hosts in Administrator
When selecting hosts for migration, host and attached volumes information is collected from Administrator. See Adding a storage system.
Register an agentless remote connection in Automator
When using the Quorum-less option, an agentless remote connection to the API Configuration Manager server is required if it is installed on a different server from Automator. See Registering agentless remote connections.