Hyper-V Restore Wizard - Restore location

Ops Center Protector Microsoft Hyper-V Application Guide

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This page of the wizard is displayed when the "Restore selected virtual machines" option was selected on the initial page of the wizard above.

Figure. Restore Hyper-V Snapshot Wizard - Select Location
Control Description
Original Location This will restore the virtual machine to the source Hyper-V node and to the original path.
Note: If the original VM still exists, or the path is still in use the virtual machine will not be restored to avoid issues with the existing VM. Use clone restore to restore the virtual machine to an alternate location.
While virtual machines are restored to the original location, the restored VM will have a new ID. Due to this it may no longer be included in backups if the VM was explicitly selected for backup.
Clone This will restore the virtual machine to a selected Hyper-V node and location. The virtual machine name will be prefixed to avoid naming conflicts.