Hyper-V Classification Wizard

Ops Center Protector Microsoft Hyper-V Application Guide

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This wizard is launched when a new Hyper-V classification is added to policy.

The Hyper-V classification is used as a means to conveniently specify the Hyper-V resources which should be included in a backup. Refer to About Hyper-V policy classifications for details about how this classification works with host and block based operations.

Figure. Hyper-V Wizard - Specify Hyper-V classification attributes
Control Description
Included Items Lists the Hyper-V resources that will be included in the backup.
Add Opens the Hyper-V Resource Selection Wizard to enable Hyper-V Resources to be added to the include/exclude items list above.
Excluded Items Lists the Hyper-V VMs that will be excluded from the backup policy.
Remove Each row has a remove button at the end of the row. When clicked the selected Hyper-V resource is removed from the include/exclude list.
Preview Selection Opens the Hyper-V Classification Preview Wizard Hyper-V Classification Preview Wizard, that will preview which VMs will be included if the classification is applied to a selected Hyper-V node.
Virtual Machine Consistency Select which level of consistency is desired for the virtual machines:
  • Application consistent checkpoints will use Hyper-V integration services to quiesce the data inside the VM.
  • Crash consistent checkpoints will just use the data currently available on the virtual disks.