Application prerequisites

Ops Center Protector Microsoft Hyper-V Application Guide

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In order to successfully protect a Hyper-V environment a number of prerequisites must be met.

  • Protector Client software is installed on all nodes which are part of a Microsoft Hyper-V setup.
    • In case of clustered setups, the client must be installed on all nodes
  • A Hyper-V account is provided, for use by Protector, having the specified Microsoft Hyper-V user privileges
  • In order to configure protection for clustered Hyper-V setups, all cluster nodes must be running.
    Note: This is a requirement for the setup. Once configured scheduled or RPO based backups will work even if only a subset of the cluster nodes is online.
  • For application level consistency, ensure that the Hyper-V integration services are enabled and functional for the VM.
For block based data protection, ensure that:
  • LUN(s) are provisioned with the appropriate size on the source and destination block storage devices. This must include space for performing restore operations.
  • The virtual machines are located on a single supported block storage.