Compile and Activate Data Flow

Ops Center Protector REST API User Guide

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Activation of a Data Flow first requires that it is “compiled”. This process ensures that the Data Flow and the Nodes and Polices used within it are valid and used correctly.

Both requests require JSON data consisting of an object with an “ids” array.

Compile Data Flow
curl --insecure --cookie demosession
pile/invoke" --data "{\"ids\": [\"da2afe41-a936-4879-8cbaed37aa421b26\"]}"
--header "Content-Type: application/json" --request PUT
Compile Data Flow Response
    "errors": [
    "summary": [
        "Compiling rules for data flow 'demodataflow'",
        "Rules summary for data flow 'demodataflow'",
        "'demomaster' implements:",
        "    'demopolicy'",
        "'demomaster' sends:",
        "    'demopolicy' from the local filesystem to 'RepositoryHP'",
        "RepositoryHP receives:",
        "    'demopolicy' from 'demomaster' for HBB storage",
        "Compilation of data flow 'demodataflow' completed successfully"
    "warnings": [
Activate Data Flow
curl --insecure --cookie demosession
tribute/invoke" --data "{\"ids\": [\"da2afe41-a936-4879-8cbaed37aa421b26\"]}"
--header "Content-Type: application/json" --request PUT
Activate Data Flow Response
    "handlerInfo": {
        "class": "Jobs",
        "handler": "JobStatusHandler",
        "instance": "{a46aa5ba-1797-4971-89ad-bbd85006bab8}",
        "machine": "master",
        "url": "master/JobStatusHandler/objects/Jobs/{a46aa5ba-1797-4971-89ad-bbd85006bab8}"
    "id": "{a46aa5ba-1797-4971-89ad-bbd85006bab8}"