Ops Center Protector REST API User Guide

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In the following examples the master node is called “demomaster”.

The curl CLI tool is used for all examples to clearly indicate the minimum input required to make the request.

The curl argument ‘—insecure’ is used to skip SSL certificate checks. It is recommended that the master is configured with a valid SSL certificate.

The examples use the curl “cookie-jar” to maintain the user session and provide the session ID for each request.

In some examples JSON data must be sent with the request. To maintain clarity the examples use the curl file reference feature, thus data beginning with @ reference a file within the local working directory.

The examples assumes that you have installed Hitachi Ops Center Protector and that a valid license has been applied. Please refer to the application user guide for details on how to install and activate a license if required.

The examples form the minimum steps required to create, perform and validate a simple host based backup to a local Repository store. The process does not conform to the best practices or recommendations in doing host based backup only to provide a clear purpose to the collection of examples.

The following steps are included in this process:
  • Log In
  • List Nodes
  • Create a Repository Node on the Master
  • Create a Policy
  • Edit a Policy
  • Create a Data Flow
  • Compile and Activate a Data Flow
  • Trigger a Backup
  • List Jobs
  • Restore to an alternative location
  • View the RPO Report
  • Log Out