Templating concept

Ops Center Protector REST API User Guide

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Node, policy, data flow and schedule resources exposed by the API are built up of a number of smaller objects that result in a complex object with many required and optional attributes and variable depth.

Creating these resources manually can be difficult and prone to error. To aid in the creation of these resources it is advised that the user create a template within the GUI and use these templates to create specialized versions of the resources for the specific use cases.

The templates would then be used as the framework to creating new resources based on the template.

For example a policy could be created containing a path classification and backup operation with an eight hour RPO or a specific schedule. The path classification would simply contain a placeholder value. The API can then be used to retrieve the resource, modify the path classification values and save the policy as a new resource. This allows the operation settings to be copied and applied to a new policy without having to redefine all of its properties.