Ops Center Protector REST API User Guide

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Almost all interactions using the API are done against resources. Resources typically represent an object which can be retrieved, created, modified or deleted, as permitted by the resource handler and user permissions.

All resources are referenced by their pluralized type name, e.g., Nodes instead of Node, even when retrieving a single resource.

Resources can be retrieved as a list which can include filtering, sorting and field query data or as an individual object by appending the resource ID to the URL. When retrieving a list of resources the response will include a “pageInfo” object. This contains properties describing the current page count and offset, the total amount of resources which match the query and whether they have all been returned within the response, for example:

"pageInfo": {
"offset": 0,
"count": 10
"totalCount": 10,
"end": true

To retrieve all Nodes (which the user has access to):


Or to retrieve a single Node: