How to upgrade vRO Connector

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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If you are planning on Upgrading the Master form HDID to Protector too, please upgrade the vRO Connector before upgrading Master:

Note: Steps 1-5 require the use the Java vRO Client instead of the HTML5 client.
  1. Import the 'Migrate Data From HDID to Protector Connector' Workflow.
  2. Run the Workflow.
  3. Remove the old HDID Connector Plugin via the vRO Control Center.
  4. Remove all the HDID Actions (labelled com.hitachivantara.hdid)
    • This is performed by right clicking a folder containing HDID Actions and selecting Delete.
    • Repeat for all com.hitachivanatara.hdid folders.
  5. Now close the Java vRO Client.
  6. Install the new Protector Connector Plugin via the vRO Control Center (See How to install the Protector Connector for VMware vRO)
  7. Verify Upgrade by running the "Restore a Deleted VM" Workflow. This should show you available the restore records
  8. You may now delete the old HDID Resources.
  9. To update the vRO context menu actions in vSphere, reimport the actions.xml provided with the new plugin (see How to setup vSphere to use the Protector vRO workflows)