About 'Ad Hoc Backup'

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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The 'Ad Hoc Backup' workflow is implemented as a script within vRO as follows:
  1. The vRO script asks Protector to check that the 'VRO Ad Hoc Dataflow' is inactive, indicating that it is not currently performing a backup.
  2. The vRO script activates the 'VRO Ad Hoc Dataflow' within Protector.
  3. The vRO script checks that the policy classification assigned to the 'VRO Ad Hoc Dataflow' within Protector selects the 'Protector Ad Hoc' tag.
  4. If any VMware object is already tagged with the 'Protector Ad Hoc' tag, the vRO script will abort the workflow.
  5. The vRO script tags the selected VM with the 'Protector Ad Hoc' tag.
  6. The vRO script triggers the Protector operations on the 'VRO Ad Hoc Dataflow'.
  7. The vRO script deactivates the 'VRO Ad Hoc Dataflow' within Protector once the backup is complete.
  8. The vRO script removes the 'Protector Ad Hoc' tag from the selected VM.
Note: This sequence is designed to support data flows that perform block storage snapshots and host based batch backups to a repository. If you intend to trigger more complex data flows, be aware of the effect that data flow activation and deactivation may have on any block replication operations.