Transport Method Configuration

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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The transport methods that may be used by backup or restore processes may be specified in the Protector config file “hbb-vmware-adaptor.cfg” (found in the db/config Protector directory).

Methods that may be used for backups are specified with “BackupTransportMethods”. The default enables “hotadd:san:nbdssl:nbd” modes.

Methods that may be used for recovery are specified with “RecoveryTransportMethods”. The default enables “hotadd:nbdssl:nbd”. To enable SAN, it must be added as required.

SAN restores are not always the optimum restore transport methodology especially when thin provisioned disks are being recovered. The sample below shows the default configuration where SAN is disabled for restores and enabled for backups. It may be that SAN restores are desired, but not for all VMs. In this scenario, SAN should be added to the RecoveryTransportMethods and the VMs that should not be restored over SAN specified individually (see subsection Disabling SAN Transport Restore for selected VMs).

Sample from a hbb-vmware-adaptor.cfg file showing the default configuration which disables SAN restores:

<item name="BackupTransportMethods" argtype="single">
  <value type="string">hotadd:san:nbdssl:nbd</value>
<item name="RecoveryTransportMethods" argtype="single">
  <value type="string">hotadd:nbdssl:nbd</value>