How to reconfigure SRA to present fewer replications to SRM

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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This might be an option to consider if:
  • There are too many discovered devices to navigate through in SRM compared to what is actually desired.
  • Where a single master manages replications for multiple SRM pairs and there is overlap in the listed discovered devices.
  1. In Protector set userTags to ensure that the DR and test replications are tagged either with the default SRM tag 'SRM_REPLICATION' or a custom tag. (this can be achieved by tagging the dataflow/policy/policy-operations). Using a different tag for any replications you want to appear under a different Array Manager pair.
  2. In SRM, if there are any Array Pairs being managed that do not represent those that are tagged, disable those pairs.
  3. In SRM, edit the local Array manager and add the OnlyTaggedReplication additional option .
  4. In SRM, edit the remote Array Manager and add the OnlyTaggedReplication additional option.
  5. In SRM, discover Arrays then discover Devices. If any pairs were disabled in step 2, they will now disappear.