Hyper-V Restore Wizard – Select Mount Mode

Ops Center Protector Microsoft Hyper-V Application Guide

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Figure. Restore Hyper-V Snapshot Wizard - Select Mount Mode
Control Description
Mount Original Mounts the original (Level 1) snapshot and copies the virtual machine data to the target location.
Tip: When this option is used virtual machines will always be copied before they are registered with Hyper-V. Virtual machines will also only powered on once the copy is complete.
This option will expose your original backup to the Hyper-V host. Any changes will persist even after the unmount. While Protector will not perform any changes, nothing is preventing users or other processes from modifying the data.
Mount duplicate (cascaded snapshot) Only enabled if the original (Level 1) snapshot was created in cascade mode. Mounts a copy of the original snapshot (i.e. a Level 2 snapshot).
Note: When this option is used with in combination with the „Power on VM“ option, the VM can be used while the data is copied in the background (via Hyper-V storage migration).
Mount Pool Not available for replications. Depending on the parameters specified for the snapshot operation on the data flow, a mount pool might be required. A message is displayed in a blue rectangle to explain if and why a mount pool is required.