Hyper-V Resource Selection Wizard – Pattern search

Ops Center Protector Microsoft Hyper-V Application Guide

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This page of the wizard is displayed when the pattern search option is selected in the initial wizard page above.

Figure. Hyper-V Resource Selection Wizard – Pattern search
Control Description
Resource Type

Select a Hyper-V resource type, that will be matched by the provided name pattern. Available options:

  • Virtual Machine
  • Virtual Machine Location (Path)
  • Virtual Machine Host
Pattern Enter a case insensitive pattern that will be used to match the resource type by name. The '?’ character matches any single character, while the '*' character can be used to match any sequence of characters. E.g.: IH_* would match any resource of the given type whose name begins IH_.
Note: Resources are re-evaluated against the name pattern every time the policy is executed. New resources having a name that matches this pattern, added after the policy is activated, will be automatically included in the backup.