Hyper-V Resource Selection Wizard – Browse by Virtual Machine Locations

Ops Center Protector Microsoft Hyper-V Application Guide

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This page of the wizard is displayed when the browse by virtual machine paths option is selected in the initial wizard page above.

Figure. Hyper-VM - Browse by Virtual Machine Locations
Control Description
Hyper-V Node Select the Hyper-V app node you want to select paths from.
Location Select one or more paths. Protector will search for virtual machines under the defined path at the beginning of each backup.
  • A virtual machine will only be selected for a backup if the virtual machine configuration is located under the specified path.

If any included VMs utilize additional paths, these will be added as to the backup as well. This ensures that backed up virtual machines can be fully restored.

  • For clustered Hyper-V nodes it is only possible to select paths which are located on cluster shared volumes, as only these paths are available on all nodes