Protector Adapter for SRM limitations

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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The Protector Adapter (SRA) supports SRM with the following limitations:
  • There is currently no support for 3DC dataflows.
  • GAD 2DC dataflows are supported when using stretched storage which requires an Enterprise SRM license. To enable vMotion with stretched storage, the protected and recovery sites must be connected via Enhanced Linked Mode.
  • The policy classification should explicitly identify datastores by LDEV or Host Group. If using a VMware classification, be aware that:
    • Policy classification methods using Object IDs or vSphere Tags will only work on VMs, and only if the placeholder datastore is on the same array as their current datastore.
    • Once failed over to the backup site Protector will not support adding new VMs to the policy, or changing it in any way until fail-back to the production site has taken place.
  • The Protector master used as an intermediary in the SRM architecture represents a single point of failure. To mitigate this, it is recommended that the master node be located at the backup site, or a third site so that it remains operational should a disaster befall the production site.
    Figure. Protector at the backup site
    Figure. Protector at a third separate site