How to migrate to Protector SRA

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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Hitachi offers two Storage Replication Adaptor implementations, one that enables SRM to control storage arrays via CCI (as described in Hitachi Storage Replication Adapter for VMware® vCenter Site Recovery Manager™ Deployment Guide, MK-09RM6745) and the other described in this guide that enables SRM to control storage arrays via Protector.

If you decide to migrate from the existing CCI based SRA to the Hitachi Vantara SRA, it is recommended that you do so as described below. This will ensure continuity of SRM protection, and avoid a stability issue with SRM when attempting to control the same replication via two SRAs simultaneously.

  1. Leave the existing SRM servers (using the Hitachi SRA) in operation. These will provide site recovery protection while configuring the new Protector SRA.
  2. Create new VMs and set up new SRM servers on them at the primary and secondary sites.
  3. Configure the Protector SRA as described in How to install and configure the Protector Adapter for SRM. Do this by drawing the replication data flows in Protector, then configure them by adopting the existing replications into Protector.
  4. Once the new Hitachi Vantara based SRM configuration has been tested, decommission the existing SRM servers.