How to upgrade SRA 3.x to 5.x

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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The upgrade provides a ‘multi’ Array Manager Pair which allows an Array Manager Pair to manage multiple Array Pairs. If you decide to migrate from SRA 3.x, it is recommended that you do so as described below, after ensuring your Protector is 7.5 or above.

  1. In Protector, for the SRM replications/dataflows.
    1. ensure all SVols have hostgroups assigned to expose them to their vCenter
    2. if you have multiple Array Pairs in SRM using the same Master, then they can now all be covered by a single array pair manager.

      If for any reason, you'd prefer keeping them separate (to have different settings per pair), then please apply different userTags to the policies for each ArrayPair replications required.

  2. Upgrade the Protector SRA as described in How to install/update SRA.
  3. Creating/Modifying Array Pair(s)
    1. If you wish to migrate from multiple Array Pairs to a single Array Pair that manages them all: In the VMware Site Recovery UI, navigate to Site Pair > Configure > Array Based Replication > Array Pairs, create a new Array Manager Pair by following the wizard. A new ‘multi’ Array Manager Pair will be created and will manage each active array pair.
    2. If you wish to maintain the previous Array Pair(s), for each Array Pair perform the following: In the VMware Site Recovery UI, navigate to Site Pair > Configure > Array Based Replication > Array Pairs, update the existing Array Manager Pair for the local and remote; Ensuring you provide an OnlyTaggedReplications additional option to use a custom tag.
  4. In the VMware Site Recovery UI, navigate to Protection Groups and create a new Protection Group which adopts your existing Recovery Plan. A new Protection Group will be created with a warning.
  5. Remove the original Protection Group and re-edit the new Protection Group to correctly adopt the Recovery Plan. The new Protection Group will be enabled with no warning.
  6. Once the new ‘multi’ Array Manager Pair is created, any unused old Array Manager Pairs can be removed after first disabling them.