How to add or remove VMs from SRM

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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Refer to Protector Adapter for SRM prerequisites and Protector Adapter for SRM limitations.

If you have added or removed VMs from an existing datastore that is controlled via the Protector SRA, the following steps must be followed to add or remove from SRM. If a new datastore has been added, please follow the steps mentioned in ‘How to add or remove LDEVs from an SRM replication’

  1. Ensure SRM is not in a failover state and has been reprotected, and not in a test failover state and has been cleaned up
    If SRM is in either a failover or test failover state, create a new SRM replication data flow that defines the new set of LDEVs. Any changes to the existing replication in a failover state will result in backup failures.
  2. Edit the Protection Group and follow the wizard through to the end
  3. The VMs that have been added will now be available. Any that have been removed will no longer be available.