VMware Node Wizard

Ops Center Protector VMware Application Guide

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This wizard is launched when a new VMware Node is added to the Nodes Inventory.

Note: If you use vCenter to manage an ESX/ESXi host, then a proxy node cannot be created for that host. Create a proxy using the managing vCenter node instead.
Figure. VMware Node Wizard - Specify Node name
Control Description
Node Name Enter a name for the VMware node.
Tags Add the tags to be associated with the object being created.
Figure. VMware Node Wizard - Allocate node to Access Control Resource Group
Control Description
Resource Groups Select the resource group(s) to which this node will be allocated for the purposes of RBAC. All nodes are automatically allocated to the 'default' resource group.
Figure. VMware Node Wizard - Select node to communicate with VMware Server
Control Description
Proxy Node Select a proxy node for the vCenter or ESX/ESXi host.
  • If using tags, VMware Power CLI 6.5.0 or later must be installed on the proxy node. You will need to restart the proxy node after completing the installation.
  • If you change the proxy of a VMware node while the node is in an activate data flow, or if you change the vCenter or ESX/ESXi host credentials, then you must reactivate affected data flows in order for the changes to take effect.
  • When performing host based backups, avoid excessive traffic across the network by selecting a proxy node that is as close as possible to the eventual destination of the backup data.
  • If the proxy shares access over a SAN to disks used by the VMware datastores and this provides faster data transfer rates than the LAN (NBD), then the VMware SAN Transport Mode will be used during host based backup to transfer data directly from the datastores to the proxy.
Figure. VMware Node Wizard - Specify VMware Server
The same VMware node can be used in both host based and block storage based data flows.
Control Description
Host name or IP Address of vCenter / ESXi Server Specify the vCenter or ESX/ESXi host name or IP address.
Figure. VMware Node Wizard - Specify VMware Credentials
Control Description
Username Enter the username for the vCenter or ESX/ESXi host.
Note: The user specified here must have the specified VMware user privileges.
Password Enter the password for the vCenter or ESX/ESXi host.
Figure. VMware Node Wizard - Summary
Control Description
Summary Summary of the settings entered.