Custom Plug-in List dialog box

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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The Custom Plug-in List dialog box shows the plug-ins you can access for an option, (such as copy, edit, delete, and so on) from the Custom Plug-in Actions menu. You can search for an existing plug-in by entering some identifying text or by the tags associated with the plug-ins. You can manage existing plug-ins from the Released tab or access plug-ins that you are currently working on from the Developing tab. You also have the option of specifying how the plug-ins are listed and visible in the window by clicking either the Card View or Table View.

The following table describes the dialog box fields, subfields, and field groups. A field group is a collection of fields that are related to a specific action or configuration.

Field Subfield Description
Vendor Name -

Vendor name, if applicable, for the plug-in.

Version -

Version of the plug-in.

Key Name -

Key associated with the plug-in.

Vendor ID -

Vendor ID associated with the plug-in.

Tags -

Tag category associated with the plug-in.

Registered -

Date and time when the plug-in was registered.

Last Updated -

Date and time when the plug-in was last updated.