Locale settings for plug-ins

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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The locale setting that applies to a device on which an action is run by a plug-in depends on the OS. The following describes the locale settings applied when plug-ins are run in each OS.

In Windows

When a script or command is run on a target device, the locale and character set of the target device should match those of Ops Center Automator. The locale and character set are determined by the settings in the Region and Language area of the Windows Control Panel that govern date and time formats, user-level display languages, system-level display languages, and system locale settings.

In Linux OS

The locale setting applied while the plug-in runs depends on the Character Set Auto Judgment setting in the Create Custom Plug-in dialog box or the Edit Custom Plug-in dialog box.

  • If the check box is disabled, scripts are run with the LC_ALL=C locale. Make sure that commands and command parameters consist only of ASCII characters. If a command parameter, standard output, or standard error output contains non-ASCII characters, the characters might become garbled and prevent the command from running normally.
  • If the check box is enabled, the script is run using the default locale of the connecting user. When running a script or command on an operation target device, the environment variable LC_ALL and LANG are set to the default locale of the connecting user. No other environment variables are changed.

When running a script or a command the locale is assigned in the following order of priority:

  • 1: Value of LC_ALL
  • 2: Value of LC_CTYPE
  • 3: Value of LANG