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Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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Service Builder enables you to create and manage the service templates and associated plug-ins for automating data center tasks.

When working with service templates, you have the option of using one of the standard service templates, modifying an existing template to meet your needs, or creating a new template. Service templates comprise a sequence of plug-ins that run scripts, run commands, and provide required operational parameters to accomplish various tasks.

Service Builder can create a flow with plug-ins, and package these elements into a customized service template package. Service templates and plug-ins, both standard and customized, can be reused, saving you development time and effort.

Service Builder enables you to:

  • Easily manage (copy, edit, delete, update and so on) service templates and plug-ins through a convenient menu-driven interface.
  • Use or customize the standard service templates and plug-ins or create new ones to run the required scripts and the commands to complete the tasks for your site.
  • Establish the flow of steps in which a series of plug-ins are run according to their placement by simply drawing connector lines between the components.
  • Specify the values for the input and output properties associated with a plug-in that provide the host details, user information, and connections settings that are required to run a service, handle errors, and generate alerts.
  • Run commands, run scripts, and make use of variables required when running service.
  • Categorize tasks by user group or service classification.
  • Customize the UI by controlling the type of icons and graphics that appear, the types of instructions and the information a user sees when supplying the details for submitting a service.
  • Debug your service templates and eventually release them for deployment in your data center.
  • Import and export service templates and settings so you can reuse them.
  • Import and export property values that are stored in a file so that the setting and values for a service are supplied quickly and consistently from one session to the next.

The following shows the general workflow when working with service templates and their associated plug-ins.

Graphic illustrating workflow when working with service templates and plug-ins.

Use this guide to design and create service templates, including the plug-ins that create the steps in a service template, with Service Builder.

You must have the Ops Center Automator Develop or Admin role to use Service Builder.

For more information on permissions and user roles, see the Hitachi Ops Center Automator User Guide.