Overview of Automator Service Builder

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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Service Builder has a powerful interface for managing and creating service templates that automate tasks, supply operating parameters for provisioning and allocating storage resources, and automate IT processes for your data center.

The service templates are based on plug-ins that serve as the building blocks for running scripts, issuing commands on a system, and supplying the values for the input and output properties and variables used when tasks run. The service templates and plug-ins can be linked together as a sequence of steps that dictate the flow of processes for a set of tasks in the main service template.

Because Service Builder is integrated with Ops Center Automator, there is no need to install Ops Center Automator on a separate test environment, and files and folders remain in a central location. Service Builder also enables you to test services, plug-ins, configuration files, and mapping parameters before they are released so that quality and functionality are ensured.

You can use the preconfigured collection of standard service templates and associated plug-ins, or minimally modify them, to perform many of the more common data center tasks. If the standard service templates and plug-ins are not adequate for your site, you can build your own service templates and plug-ins and define the types of tasks to run. You can also specify how to configure the operating parameters, user information, and connection settings and customize elements of the user interface required when submitting a service.

After you prepare the template with the required plug-ins and define the settings for the input and output properties, Service Builder guides you through the final stages of running, debugging, and releasing the service templates for use in your data center.