Terminal Disconnect Plug-in

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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The Terminal Disconnect Plug-in ends a connection established with an operation target device by a terminal connect plug-in.


  • Terminal disconnect plug-in uses the protocol specified in the protocol property of the terminal connect plug-in to communicate with the Ops Center Automator server.

Cautionary notes

  • If a task is stopped while a plug-in is running, the status of the task changes to Failed or Completed when the processing of the terminal disconnect plug-in finishes. The status of steps and tasks after plug-in finishes depends on the return code of the step and the condition for running subsequent steps. You can set Subsequent-step Execution Condition in the Create Step dialog box or the Edit Step dialog box.
  • If you forcibly end a task while a plug-in is running, reading from standard output and prompt detection are canceled and the task enters Failed status. The session and token are then discarded. In this case, the return code of the step in the Task Details dialog box is -1. The return code output to the task log depends on the timing of when the task was forcibly ended.

Return codes

The Terminal Disconnect Plug-in generates the following return codes:

Return Code Description
0 The plug-in ended normally. The plug-in ends normally even if the connection is already closed.
65 The connection with the Ops Center Automator server failed. For example, the Ops Center Automator server might have stopped while the plug-in was running.
66 The following user is mapped to the Ops Center Automator user:
  • A user who does not belong to the Administrators group.
  • A user other than the built-in Administrator who belongs to the Administrators group, in an environment with UAC enabled.
68 No information about the target job execution ID exists.
69 An environment variable of the task-processing engine cannot be acquired.
80 Task execution has stopped.
81 The plug-in was called in a status that is notvalid.
82 The request message from the task-processing engine cannot be correctly parsed.
83 The environment of the Ops Center Automator server is corrupted.
84 Information about the specified plug-in cannot be obtained.
86 The specified property value is not valid.
127 Another error has occurred.

Property list

The following properties are available for the Terminal Disconnect Plug-in:

Property key Property name Description I/O type Required
token Token Specify the value of the token property of the terminal connect plug-in. Input true