Interval Plug-in

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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The Interval Plug-in controls the interval between running steps. The user specifies the wait time for a process as the execution interval, and Ops Center Automator waits for the interval to elapse before running the succeeding steps. By using an interval plug-in, you can run steps at fixed intervals.

The following figure shows how the Interval Plug-in is used.

Using Interval Plug-in.

Cautionary notes

  • The communication status and other factors might cause a discrepancy between the actual wait time and the time specified by the plug-in.
  • You cannot change the property values when you run the service. Set the values when you create the flow.
  • You can only specify literal characters in the input property. You cannot map the value of a service property or reserved property.
  • If execution of a task is stopped during plug-in execution, the task enters Failed or Completed status after the interval plug-in has finished processing.

Return codes

The Interval Plug-in generates the following return codes:

Return Code Description
0 The plug-in ended normally. The plug-in ends normally even if the connection has already been closed.
18 A task was forcibly ended during plug-in execution.
1 to 17, 19 or higher The plug-in ended abnormally. Use the hcmds64getlogs command to acquire log information and identify the problem.

Property list

The following properties are available for the Interval Plug-in:

Property key Property name Description I/O type
interval R Interval This property specifies how long to wait before running the next step, in the range from 1 to 1,440 (minutes).

The default value is ten minutes.

R: Required