Flow Plug-in

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You can define a flow hierarchy using the Flow Plug-in.

The Flow Plug-in allows you to create hierarchical flows by defining flows within other flows. You can define a maximum of 25 hierarchical levels, with the top-level flow being level 1.

The following figure shows how the flow is established.

How a flow is established.

Cautionary notes

  • If execution of a task is stopped while a plug-in is running, the status of the task changes to Failed or Completed when the step running in the flow plug-in ends.
  • The return code of a flow plug-in is always 0. If a step within a hierarchy flow ends abnormally, the plug-in returns code 0. The return code of the flow plug-in does not reflect the return codes of the constituent steps of the hierarchy flow.

Return codes

The Flow Plug-in generates the following return codes:

  • 0: The plug-in ended normally.
  • 1: A step in a lower execution flow ended with a warning.
  • 2: A step in a lower execution flow ended abnormally.
Note: If the step execution of a lower flow fails, the task does not end at that point. Determination of whether the task continues or stops is made by setting the Next Step Condition of the flow plug-in step.

Property list

The following properties are available for the Flow Plug-in:

Property key Property name Description I/O type
errorStep Step in which error occurred The step ID that failed in one lower flow is output in half-width comma-separated. Output
returnValueOfErrorStep Return value of step in which error occurred The return value of the step that failed in one lower flow is output in half-width comma separated values. Output