Abnormal-End Plug-in

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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The Abnormal-End Plug-in handles the abnormal termination of a running flow, task, hierarchical flow, or repeatedly run flow.

The plug-in lets you end a running task abnormally.

By using this plug-in together with a Branch by ReturnCode Plug-in, you can also end a flow abnormally when a judgment condition is met.

The following figure shows how the Abnormal-End Plug-in is used.

Cautionary notes

  • If a task is stopped while running a plug-in, the task enters abnormal termination status after the abnormal-end plug-in finishes processing.
  • If you use an abnormal-end plug-in within a flow plug-in, the hierarchical flow and any higher-level flows that feature flow plug-ins also end abnormally. Running tasks also end abnormally, and the flow plug-in returns 0.
  • When you use an abnormal-end plug-in in the context of a repeated execution plug-in, the repeated execution plug-in returns 1 if the repeated processing ends abnormally one time. If every instance of the repeated processing ends abnormally, the repeated execution plug-in returns 2.

Return codes

The Abnormal-End Plug-in generates the following return codes:

  • 0: The plug-in ended normally (the step was ended abnormally).
  • 80: Task execution has stopped.