Specify Component Input/Output Property Mapping Parameters dialog box

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You can specify the mapping of input and output properties for the components incorporated in a service template through the Specify Component Input/Output Property for Mapping Parameters dialog box.

The following table describes the dialog box fields, subfields, and field groups. A field group is a collection of fields that are related to a specific action or configuration.

When you enter information in a dialog box, if the information is not valid, errors that include a description of the problem appear at the right side of the box.




Key: -

The input or output property key.

Display Name: -

Name of the input or output property.

Description: -

Description of the input or output property.

Data Type: -

Data type of the property: string, boolean, integer, double, date, password, or composite. Available options depend on the options you chose.

You can verify the Array Type option for the data type to be treated as an array. In this way, a set of the properties of the same type (number of elements is a variable) can be handled as a single property to make data mapping easier, especially when passing data between a Service and the Plug-ins.

Setting Method: -

Setting method can be View Property or Direct Input. When entering a direct input value, you click Insert Property to make the value from the specified property the value.

Value: -

Direct input value associated with a property.

When specifying component input properties, you can view a list of plug-in steps shown under the Step Tree for the currently selected component.

Depending on whether you are working with input or output properties, you can click Add Input Property or Add Output Property to add an input or output property, or Add Variable to add a variable to a property group.