Establishing the flow of execution

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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Map the process flow of a service template from the Service Builder Edit window Flow tab. Use the Flow view to connect the steps icons and establish a flow.

You establish each unit of processing in a flow by dragging plug-ins from the Plug-in view to the Flow view. Each plug-in dropped to the Flow view is called a step. Create a flow by placing the steps required to run a task in the required order and connecting them with relational lines as shown in the following figure.

Placing required steps in required order and connecting with relational lines.

The flow can contain one step that connects to two or more steps and similarly, two or more steps can connect to one step. In the figure, the next step is run only after every connected step finishes. You can also use the Flow plug-in and Repeated-execution plug-in to define a flow in another flow.

Follow these steps to establish the flow of steps for a service template:

A service template in the Developing state must exist with the steps you added to the Flow view.
  1. From the Service Builder Edit window, access the Flow tab, and then drag and add the necessary plug-ins (or services) into the Flow view in the relative order the steps are run by the service.
  2. To establish the order in which the steps in the flow are run, click and hold the node associated with the step that to run first, drag the connector line across to the step to run next, and then release.
    A connection line appears indicating the steps are connected. The arrow indicates the direction of the flow.
  3. Continue to add connections to steps as needed.
    • To delete a connection, click the targeted connection line, then click Delete.
Define the input and output properties and enter the mapping parameters.