Creating the steps in a data flow

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You create the steps in a service template from the Service Builder Flow tab of the Edit window by specifying the required components for a service.

  • A service template must be open and in the Developing status for editing or creation.
  • Identify the plug-ins required to accomplish the purpose of the service template.
  • Locate the components (Released or Developing) so that they are available for use in the service template.
  1. From the Service Builder Edit Flow tab, click a component, drag it to the Flow view, and release.
    The Create Step dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the information for the step, then click OK.
    The component icon appears in the Flow view as a step and step details, including related properties, are accessible from the General or Property tabs.
  3. Continue to add steps as required.
    • To edit, copy, cut, or delete a step, right-click the component and select the associated option. When copying a component, you can paste it in another service template.
    • To select multiple steps, drag the mouse to create a rectangle encompassing the targeted steps, or click each step icon while pressing the Ctrl key to add to the selection.
    • To move a step, click the target step icon, drag it to the targeted area of the Flow view, and release.
    • To add a second flow, right-click the target flow in the Flow Tree view, then click Create Flow.
  4. To exit the Service Builder Edit window without saving, click Close. To save your changes, click Save.
Steps are added and saved to the service template.
Continue to edit the service template and add a flow that shows the run order of the steps.