Specify the step flow

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You can specify the steps for a service template by adding the components (plug-ins or other service templates) and establishing the run order from the Flow tab.

When establishing the flow of steps in a service template, you must add the plug-in (or service template) steps from the Flow view and then draw connectors to establish the run order. You then specify the mapping for the input and output properties.

The following figure shows the typical flow for a service template.

Flowchart of typical service template.

When you first start to build a service template from the Flow tab, a helpful "Tour" option leads you through the plug-in search process, how to drag and drop a selected plug-in to a flow, and how to access the properties associated with the plug-in. After initially viewing this tour, you can specify that it not be shown again by checking the associated check box. You can always activate the tour again.