Specify the property settings

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You specify the input and output properties, service share properties, and variables for a service template from the Service Builder Edit window Property tab. These settings affect how the various parameters associated with a template appears to the user.

From the Property tab, you complete the following tasks:

  • Open/Close All Groups: Displays or collapses the view of the property groups.
  • Add: has the following options:
    • Property Group: Adds a property group for organizing the display of properties.
    • Input Property: Creates a new input property for the selected service template.
    • Output Property: Creates a new output property for the selected service template.
    • Variable: Creates a new variable for the selected service template.
    • Service Share Property: Adds a service share property.
  • Edit: Edits details for the selected property.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected property.
  • Preview : Previews the use of the property from the Create Service Window, Create Request Window, or Task Details Window.
  • More Actions: Has the following options:
    • Set Visibility: Specifies whether these items are visible to the user from the Create Service window only or the Create Service and Create Request windows.
    • Set Display Settings -- Sets the display settings for modification by the user as Editable, Read only, Display, or Hide.

In some cases, you must customize the service template by changing the default icon or the text and figures that display for the Service Details dialog box and the overview associated with the service.