Service template creation workflow

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You can manage and create new service templates from the Service Builder Home window. (You also can manage and create new plug-ins from the Custom Plug-in Actions menu.)

To manage an existing service template (edit, view, copy, import, or export), select the service template (either from the Developing or Released tab), then click the action you must complete. For the details on a service template, click Service Details.

When creating a new service template, you must do some planning and then complete the phases described in the following workflow:

Phase 1: Preparation

  1. Decide the purpose of the service template. Consider the steps for automating the process and determine if you must create a new template or modify an existing template.
  2. Prepare to create the service template. This involves identifying existing components, or creating new components, preparing icon files, and setting definition files, resource files, custom files, and flow.

Phase 2: Creation

  1. Create a new service template or copy and modify an existing service template. Enter the basic information such as the name, ID, vendor name, and description. The service template is now in the Developing state.
  2. Create new plug-ins or use the existing plug-ins if they are sufficient.
  3. Define the flow for the service template by arranging the templates and plug-ins as steps and then connect them in the order you need them to run.
  4. Define the data flow by mapping the input and output properties of the component with the input and output properties of the service template.
  5. Set the service definitions with the input and output properties of the service template. Add service share properties, property group information, and variables.

Phase 3: Testing/Debugging

  1. Build the service template for testing.
  2. Complete testing. Create services based on the service template debug configuration.
  3. Make corrections as the result of testing.
  4. Rebuild and retest the service template until it runs successfully.

Phase 4: Releasing

Release the service template. A service template must be in the Released status to submit it to the active environment.

The following figure shows the typical steps for creating or editing a service template.

Flowchart of steps for creating or editing a service template.