Debugging, building, testing, and releasing the new service template

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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After creating and adding the required plug-ins, you can build the service template, test and debug it, and then release it.

  1. Click the Debug tab and then click OK to build the service template with the added plug-ins.

    The Build / Release Result dialog box appears showing any errors that occurred while building the service template.

  2. Continue to troubleshoot any errors until the build completes successfully, then click Close to exit the Build / Release Result dialog box.
    If the build is successful, the Perform Debugging dialog box appears.
  3. Verify that the service template is functioning correctly. To accomplish this, you must return to the main Ops Center Automator UI where you can create a request and submit the service request for the service template.
  4. On the Services tab:
    1. Click Create.
    2. Click Show All Versions on the Select Service Template window to show "NewTemplate".
    3. Select "NewTemplate", then click Create Service.
    4. n the Create Service window, click Save and Close.
  5. On the Services tab, select "NewTemplate" in Debug status, then click Create Request.
  6. On the Submit Service Request window Settings pane, enter the following information.
    Parameter Description Values
    Volume Settings
    Configuration Manager Connection Configuration Manager connection Select the Configuration Manager Connection from the table.
    Host Settings
    Number of Hosts The number of hosts for which to allocate volumes. Single
    Host Name Host name Enter the host name.
    WWN Settings WWN settings Click the + icon and enter the information.
    Task Settings
    Task Name Name of the task NewTemplate
    Description Brief task description A task to generate an email for the service.
    Schedule Type Time the task runs Immediate
  7. After you finish entering the required values, click Submit, then click OK in the Submit Service confirmation dialog box.
  8. On the Tasks tab, in Debug view, select the "New Template" task, then click Show Details to view the task summary, details, result, log, and notes.
  9. After testing the service template to verify that the new service template is functioning correctly, you can return to the Service Builder Edit window, then click the Release tab to make the template available for users to submit.