Adding email notification for the service template

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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After you make a copy of the service template, you can make the necessary modifications from the Service Builder Edit window.

To add the Email Notification Plug-in, complete the following steps:

  1. From the component list, locate the Email Notification Plug-in and drag it to the flow area of the window on the right. If necessary, you can use the search box to locate the plug-in. The Create Step dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the required details for the plug-in step, as shown in the following table.
    Parameter Description Value
    Step ID: * - Specifies the ID for the Email Notification Plug-in. This is already filled in.
    Step Name: * - Name assigned to the plug-in step. This is already filled in.
    Description: - Optional description of the copied service template.
    Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.
  3. Click OK to add the selected plug-in. A graphic for the newly added plug-in step is shown in the flow area of the window.
  4. Specify the run order for the newly added plug-in step by clicking the dot next to the existing plug-in graphic and dragging the arrow over the Email Notification Plug-in step. An arrow shows the direction in which the service template processes the plug-in steps when you run the service.
  5. Specify the input properties for the newly added plug-in step. For example, you can enter a subject for the Subject property or add content for the message body. Because the values for email notification are different for each user, you might want to verify the GUI Visibility check box for the "To Addresses" property so a user can enter a relevant email address from the Edit or Submit windows when running the service.

    To enter a relevant email address from both the Edit and Submit windows, change the visibility for the "To Addresses" property to "Edit and Submit Window" from the Property tab.