Example of creating a new service template

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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This section describes the process of customizing a service template that provisions volumes for a specific platform and adds a component step that generates an email notification indicating whether the volume allocation was successful.

For this example, you complete the following procedures:

  1. Make a copy of an existing service template and provide the details for the new service template.
  2. Add an email notification plug-in and modify it for your environment.
  3. Establish the flow for the component steps.
  4. Test the new service template.
Note: The example assumes that you have considered the system's architecture and completed the calculations necessary to create a service based on the required storage size, configuration, and I/O profile. Although the template values are based on the best practices, the values you set depend on your requirements.

To begin this example, you must first access the Service Builder Home window by going to the Tools menu and choosing Service Builder. The Service Builder Home window shows all the Service Builder options for creating and managing service templates and the associated plug-ins.