Setting remote commands in plug-ins

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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Plug-ins use remote commands to pass an input property to a script or command. Remote commands are also used to filter an output property from the standard result output. Set an output filter to store the value you want from the standard output. A plug-in needs one or more remote commands. Environment variables are set through remote commands.

  1. From the Service Builder Home window, choose either Create or Edit option from the Custom Plug-in Actions menu. If you are editing an existing plug-in, select the plug-in from the card or table view, click Edit.
    The Create/Edit Custom Plug-in dialog box appears.
  2. From the Remote Command tab, click Add Platform to select the operating environment.
    A choice of operating platforms is provided.
  3. Choose the platform from the list and then enter the relevant details.
    Options are provided depending on the platform you have chosen.
  4. Enter all of the details for the remote command and then click Save.
    The remote command is created for the selected plug-in.