Plug-in creation workflow

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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You manage and create new plug-ins from the Service Builder Home window Custom Plug-in Actions menu.

Use the Custom Plug-in Actions menu to edit, copy, or delete an existing plug-in.

When creating a new plug-in, you must complete the phases described in the following workflow:

Phase 1 - Preparation

  1. Decide the purpose of the plug-in. Consider the steps for automating the process and determine if one or more plug-ins are required and if you can modify an existing plug-in or you must create a new plug-in.
  2. Prepare to create the plug-in. This involves defining the plug-in and the associated icon file, preparing the required commands or scripts to run tasks, and preparing resource files.

Phase 2 - Creation

  1. Create a new plug-in or copy and modify an existing plug-in. The plug-in is now in the Developing state.
  2. Enter the standard information and set input and output properties.
  3. Set the remote commands and environment variables as required.

Phase 3 - Testing

  1. While developing a service template, drag the plug-in to the template flow.
  2. Build the service template for testing.
  3. Complete testing.
  4. Debug the plug-in.
  5. Rebuild and retest the service template until the plug-in runs successfully in the template.

Phase 4 - Releasing

Release the service template. The status of the service template and the related plug-ins changes to Released.