Generating an email

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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During the processing of a service template, you can generate an email with a specified notification or the contents of some output by using plug-ins.

You can use the Email Notification Plug-in to send an email to specified recipients notifying them when a specific condition occurs and that includes information that has been output from a task or process. For example, you can send the result of a LUN path configuration associated with the Allocate Volumes with Smart Provisioning Service to a specified email address. When using this plug-in, you specify the address for the recipient, a subject line, and the body of the email which can consist of a predefined message or the output from a previous step. You can also specify the encoding for the formatting of the email.

Details about the email sender are defined in the SMTP server settings. Before using the Email Notification Plug-in to send an email, you must specify the correct email details from the Email settings, accessed through the System Settings, available from the Administration tab.

To generate an email:

  1. Insert the Email Notification Plug-in step at the point in the flow after the step that has the information for the email notification.
  2. Draw connectors between the steps to define the flow of execution.
  3. Click the Email Notification Plug-in step and enter the values for the input properties specifying the recipient's address, encoding, and subject.
  4. In the Body field of the Email Notification Plug-in, enter the key for the output property in the plug-in step that is generating the email content.

    In some cases, you might want to send output that is not in the default JSON format that you must first convert before sending the email. To accomplish this, you can use the JavaScript Plug-in. This plug-in treats JSON input data as an object that can be converted through a JavaScript script to the required format.