Verifying the property mapping of a plug-in

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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When debugging a service template, you can control the flow of running the tasks. The following describes the general procedure for verifying the property mapping of a plug-in.

A service template in the Developing state must exist with steps you added to the Flow view.
  1. In the Flow view, select the step whose plug-in property values you want to verify. The Debugger view appears the input properties and output properties of the step you selected.
  2. Click the Service Properties tab at the bottom of the service template debugging view. The values of the service properties are displayed.
  3. In the Debugger view, review the contents of the Step Properties for the plug-in property you want to verify, and identify the service property to which it is mapped.
  4. In the Key Name column of the Service Properties tab, find the service property you identified in step 3.
  5. In the Debugger view and the Service Properties view, make sure that the same value appears in the Value columns for the plug-in property and the mapped service property. If a service property is not mapped to the intended plug-in property or the values of the plug-in property and the service property differ, fix the problem in the service template editing view by clicking on the pencil icon and then supplying the correct value through the Edit Step Property dialog box. You can also change the values of the plug-in properties. By doing so, you can test the plug-in processing when property mapping is configured correctly to see how the processing of subsequent steps and the flow transitions change with an assortment of values.