Releasing a service template

Ops Center Automator Service Builder User Guide

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The final step to complete a service template is the release process. The release action changes the configuration type of a service template and the related plug-ins to Released. You can create new services and tasks from a service template in Released status.

In Released status, the service template appears in Ops Center Automator as an available service template from which you can create services.

The released service template can also be placed in the flow as a service component during the development of the service template.

Return codes of the step using a service component are as follows.

The step in the service component ended normally.
The step in the service component ended with a warning. There is no step that ended abnormally.
The step in the service component ended abnormally.
Note: You can release a template one time only.
A service template in the Developing state that has completed the build process with no errors and performs as designed.
From the Service Builder Edit window, click Release.
The service template undergoes the release process and the configuration type changes to Released status.
After the release process completes successfully, the service template is available in the Services tab with the Released configuration type.
  • The service template is removed from the Developing state and appears under the Released tab when viewing available service templates.
  • Any services created while the template was in Developing status are deleted.
  • Any tasks run from the template while in Developing status are archived.
  • The service template appears in the Service Template list when creating a new service.
  • The related plug-ins appear in the Released tab of the Component view.
  • If specified in the service definitions, a service component is created and located under the Service tab of the Component view.

Create a new service using the released service template in the Ops Center Automator user interface.

For more information on creating services, see the Hitachi Ops Center Automator User Guide.